Learning To Retail With




  • Do you feel instantly anxious and stressed when you're about to recommend?
  • Do you avoid talking about home care because you hate the thought of selling?
  • Are you worried you'll lose your clients because they might feel pushed?
  • Do you know you need to recommend retail but you're just not confident to do it?


  • Have you trained your staff how to recommend but they just don't do it?
  • Are you tired of spending time and money to increase their results with no real improvement
  • Do you offer all kinds of incentives & bonuses but nothing seems to work long term?
  • Don't know what else to do to improve your retail results?

This Is The Program That Could



  • Changing how we think about our role in client care,
  • Removing our underlying fears, and
  • Using a simple, proven formula to create your success

The RETAIL MASTERY PROGRAM will take you from scaredy cat to confident, knowledgeable professional- to the delight of your clients! 

Through this step-by-step program, you'll learn:

  • ​Why this is such an important area for both us and our clients 
  • What it's like being a client struggling with their hair at home
  • Where our fears around retailing came from
  • Why our clients don't buy from us- even when they want our advice
  • How our clients want us to share our knowledge with them & why
  • Your fail-safe 4-step method for delivering your advice
  • The 7 most common hair & scalp problems; why they happen; how to resolve them and how to match each issue with its ideal solution

Designed to significantly increase recommended retail results and remove blocks to retailing

Ideal for Salon Owners, Managers and Stylists of all levels


  • Why is retail so important?
  • Shifting our mindset & dissolving our fear
  • Why our clients don't buy
  • The 4 Steps: Sharing your knowledge with clients
  • 7 common hair & scalp issues- what causes them & how to resolve them
  • Worksheets for each hair/scalp condition with step-by-step guide for success

Who Is Kym Krey?

Kym Krey knows the salon industry with a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning over 34 years. 

Owning 3 successful, award-winning businesses and leading dozens of others up to National and International level, she’s been exactly where you are and has the proven runs on the board to get you where you want to go. 


An excellent people manager with a knack for great performance, she'll show you how to set yourself up for success with employee relationships, how to build and develop accountability, how to build your high-performing team and how to handle the tough conversations with confidence and grace.


Former long-time Editor of HairBiz Magazine, Kym has her finger on the pulse of the issues affecting the industry and the drive to help Salon Owners translate their talents and hard work into solid financial success.

What Previous Graduates Say

"That was PACKED with information and so INTERESTING. I learned HEAPS!"


"Incredibly  forward-thinking and client focused. Really valuable and so upbeat!"


"This will become part of EVERY new staff induction from now on!"


Web: www.kymkrey.com.au

Email: kym@kymkrey.com.au

Socials: facebook.com/TheSalonMentor

Insta:     @kymkrey