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More Effective Leader 


Are You Ready To STEP UP And Become


The LEADERS LAB Coaching Group Is The Answer! 

The LEADERS LAB group coaching program is a focused series of 6 x online sessions, with closed group Q & A, designed to teach you the foundations of effective staff management.  

Instead of driving to a workshop venue, you can join each session right from your laptop or iPad- even your smartphone! Together, each week, we'll cover a key leadership topic, building your knowledge, confidence and ability to get the best possible results from your team, as you become a more inspirational and effective leader.  

Each session has downloadable worksheets, take away points and To-Do list to help you really implement your learning. 

On your way to ROCKSTAR RESULTS, we'll cover: 

Session 1: Our Role As A Leader

  • ​The mindset and traits of an outstanding leader
  • Who do I need to be to get them best from them?
  • What kind of leader do I want to be?
  • The 3 main areas of responsibility for any manager
  • The importance of clear communication

Session 2: The Foundations Of Great Performance

  • Starting 'Clean' and Staying 'Clean'- getting & keeping them on track
  • The crucial 48 hours when their ongoing performance is set
  • Induction - what should you cover?
  • Communicating your inspiring vision, getting them engaged
  • Explaining behavioural, performance and client service expectations
  • Contracting- gaining their commitment before you go any further

Session 3: Coaching For Performance

  • The Management Model- 5 steps to rockstar results! 
  • Linking your core values to key KPIs, targets & results  
  • What do the numbers really measure?
  • Your Continual Coaching Routine - what it takes to get results
  • Essential coaching conversations - morning huddles, 'power chats' & one-on-ones
  • Getting them to target- what to do when they're not even close!
  • Feedback and performance reviews. How to plan, prepare & deliver!

​Session 4: The 'Tough Stuff'!

  • Managing under-performance and unacceptable behaviours
  • 'Staying Clean'- cleaning it up early, when it's small
  • Approaching 'difficult' (breakthrough!) conversations with respect and grace
  • Keeping your cool and maintaining control
  • CPR- 3 conversations to handle any behavioural problem

Session 5: Building Teams That ROCK!

  • The top 10 traits of high-performing teams
  • Creating your essential 'Team Code' to manage behaviour
  • The 5 stages of team growth and what you need to know
  • Planning & delivering engaging team meetings to keep their eye on the ball

Session 6: Understanding & Managing Personalities

  • Why some staff are a breeze and others drive you C-R-A-Z-Y!
  • How to discover each employee's unique stregths & gifts & allow them to shine
  • Common personality clashes & how to manage through them
  • How to adapt your approach for very different learning & communication styles
  • How to blend your team smoothly together in a happy & supportive workplace
  • This session is hilarious but also highly entertaining & valuable!

Next Group Kicks Off Monday 21st June, 2021

6-7.30pm Qld, Nsw/Vic    5.30- 7pm SA    4-6.30 WA

New Zealand, 8-9.30pm or we'll be recording all sessions- you can watch later!


Your Investment: $99 Per Week or $575 upfront

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Who Is Kym Krey?

Kym Krey knows the salon industry with a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning over 35 years. 

She's owned several highly profitable, award-winning businesses, held national and international roles and helped thousands of business owners and managers transform their businesses. She has the runs on the board, proven track record, and tertiary qualifications to show that she's earned her stripes and has the expertise to get you where you want to go. 


Kym excels in the area of leadership and has a knack for helping managers find their confidence, clear expectations and boundaries and inspiring leadership vision. She'll guide you to unprecedented success with employee relationships, show you how to build and develop accountability, how to handle the tough conversations and how to build your thriving, high-performing team.


As a long-time former Editor of HairBiz Magazine, Kym has had her finger on the pulse of the issues affecting our industry and has the skills to help Salon Owners translate their talents and hard work into solid, financial success.

What Previous Workshop Attendees Say

"I've learned so much about managing my team and our salon is just BOOMING!"

Dana Kovacic, Qld


"After attending Kym's program, I came home and implemented the systems in my salon. They worked like a charm! We are giving clients the best service of their lives and performance has never been better. I'm talking thousands of extra dollars per week! Magic!!

Renee McNeil, NZ


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Facebook: TheSalonMentor

Insta: @kymkrey